The Challenge

In the 2021 race for mayor in Eagle Mountain, Utah, Mayor Tom Westmoreland worked with Outcry Digital to build momentum against a strong challenger. Amid a rapidly growing city, Mayor Westmoreland needed to gain a substantial edge in order to secure his reelection.

Outcry Digital Solutions

Our strategy for a robust digital plan included the following solutions to help Mayor Westmoreland identify and communicate with the right audience:

  • A memorable logo to incorporate in all branded materials
  • An extensive website build to gather donations, share updates, and convey core campaign messaging
  • Social media management that included ads targeted to specialized demographics in order to maximize online impressions

To further drive engagement with voters, Outcry Digital used data-driven practices to compile a list of 5,155 voters in the city, including email addresses and phone numbers. 

This voter contact information made it possible to optimize communications for an email campaign with efficient and tailored messaging. We also sent more than 2,700 text messages, helping Mayor Westmoreland stand out in what could have been a tight race.


Mayor Westmoreland secured reelection with more than 52% of the vote — and received 770 more votes than he did in his first run for mayor back in 2017. 

“Outcry Digital was able to keep me pointed in the right direction and made sure I wasn’t wasting my time trying to contact people that were not going to make a difference,” Mayor Westmoreland said. 

Additionally, our team was able to fill in the gaps and step up wherever and whenever necessary. “Partially because of budget, partially because of just how it worked out, I was never able to get a campaign manager, but Outcry Digital was able to fill that role quite a bit,” Mayor Westmoreland added. “They helped give me that confidence I needed to keep going.”